PDO Olive Oil Monti Iblei

Origin and history of the olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree . The olive is a fleshy fruit called, in botany, drupe.
The fact that the olive oil is extracted from a fruit and not from a seed, is very important from an organoleptic, nutritional and health point of view because in addition to fats, many other valuable substances, present only in the fruits, transfer to the oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few agricultural products derived from a fruit through a simple physical and mechanical extraction, which can be directly consumed without further industrial processes. More than any other food, its quality depends on the delicacy with which all the stages of processing of the fruit are performed (the olive).

The characteristic features of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil are::

  1. physical and mechanical technology, without any chemical solvents;
  2. the oil has to get a series of lesser components from the fruit of the olive (sterols, squalenes, alcohols, pigments, phenols, tocopherols and volatile substances) which make up the unsaponifiable fraction;
  3. a balanced composition of medium-chain fatty acid (MCFAs).
  4. a more or less intense scent, which is reminiscent of the freshness of the olive (fruity);
  5. The oil must give a slight bitter and spicy mouth-feel, not unctuous but fluid.

PDO Olive Oil "Monti Iblei"

La PDO "MONTI IBLEI" , is an official recognition of the characteristic features of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in the area of the Hyblaean Mountains, a homogeneous territory on the southern part of Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, ancient gateway of the olive tree into Europe.

Consumers can recognise a quality product tasting it directly, identifying and reading on the label the EU PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) symbols which guarantee that the product has been subjected to strict controls to secure traceability and to organoleptic analysis by an official panel..

Tasting PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil means, therefore, to get closer to the territory of origin, to its history and traditions, as well as to appreciate the fruits of human toil. Sicily, thanks to the skill and experience of its olive growers and oil pressers, has received the prestigious recognition by the European Community. The wide range of perfumes and flavours, which the three main olive varieties are able to express, allow to obtain unique and inimitable oils.

What PDO means

Protected Designation of Origin

PDO means “Protected Designation of Origin” and it is the official recognition granted by the European Community to some foods, whose production, processing and preparation must take place in a defined geographical area and it is characterised by a recorded and recognised report.

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