The PDO Monti Iblei Consortium was created to protect and disseminate the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in the "Monti Iblei (Hyblaean Mountains)" area, only in the provinces of Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania, namely in the south-eastern part of Sicily, known as Val di Noto (Noto valley): this ancient land produce typical oils with a harmonic flavour and a medium to intense fruity aroma, green-gold coloured, fruity and with hints of grass, green tomato and artichoke, with harmoniously balanced bitter and spicy flavours.

The Consortium is the main interface of the consumer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It protects the quality and genuineness of the product and, consequently, also the health of consumers, by constantly ensuring compliance, by the producers, with the regulations laid down in the Production Rules, the quality requirements and the parameters related to the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics according to the production standards.

The Consortium represents and safeguards producers who comply with the product specification, by promoting and enhancing the product, making recognisable and distinguishable the area of origin through targeted promotional actions and marketing the product in new domestic and foreign markets.

The Consortium has from the outset established itself as an essential operational tool for promoting the extra virgin olive oil. It is an essential body for the oil sector, which works in favour of olive growing in the eastern part of Sicily, and particularly in the three strongly agricultural provinces: Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania.

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